Monday, September 7, 2009

LA all DAY!

Over the weekend we headed up to the LA to check out the LA all day comp. We ended up jammin on the p-rails and hangging out with come cool doods. Then we went to some street spots and got some deals. After that we ate some Wahoos and ended the night back at Dylan's pad to watch "Yea Dood!"

Dean is ready for a day in LA

Prail jam sesh

Adam with a tru fid on the prail

Adam with a TTA

Dean ao top porn

Adam and Dylan!

Dean on the drunk cam

Dylan and Adam getting some "drunk edit" clips

Tinsley hanggin and banggin

Dean Coward the new Casualty Clothing flow rider!!!

Tinsley and Drew enjoying the LA heat

Dylan with a zero makio

Dylan dying


YEA dood!


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